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Pig Snout Rocks The Puget Sound

Who: Tacoma and Seattle based band, Pig Snout. The band is a family band comprising of Dahlia (age 7), her brother, Lucien (age 10), and their father, Justin Tamminga. With Justin laying down the riffs on guitar, Dahlia, and Lucien switch on playing drums and keys. They’ve got some really great songs that they’ve [...]

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“Show off your Canines”

Who: Faith Bult, DDS. I recently shot this for a dentist who's located in Bellingham, Washington. Why: She'll be using this image as an advertisement that will be running on the back of this months issue of, Bellingham Alive with the tagline, “show off your canines”. The photo advertisement will coincide with Faith also [...]

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Piano Nobile

I just shot this photo for Seattle’s Child and it’s out now. The photo is of a local Seattle family. The husband is an architect and the wife is an artist. They’ve combined their talents to run a business called, Piano Nobile. This shot is being used in this month’s Making Home section of [...]

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Boxing Photo shoot

I just created a small series of photos of professional boxer, Isaac Tadeo at Seattle Boxing Gym located on Capitol Hill. Recently I’ve been trying to create personal work with photos that interest me, with the intent to show art directors the kind of work I’m interested in doing. After thinking about different sports [...]

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Willies BBQ

I recently shot this photo of the owner of Willie’s BBQ, which is located on Rainer avenue in south Seattle. This portrait happened by chance because I was actually at the restaurant on photographing Heaven Sent, Ezell Stephens. Ezell splits the kitchen space with Willie and also runs his new restaurant out of Willies [...]

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Off The Rez

Check out the recent Seattle Weekly food article. In it you'll see the recent photo I took of Mark McConnell, Owner of Off The Rez food truck, along with his partner Cecilia Rikard, and head chef Donovan MacInnis (center) for Seattle Weekly. Off The Rez produces Native-American-inspired cuisine, like fry bread pork tacos. A [...]

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