My First Celebrity Portrait

Making A Trade For Work Actor and comedian, Tommy Chong stopped in town recently to give interviews to local news stations promoting his brand, Chong's Choice. Lucky, I know the person who owns the venue where Chong held the news conference. My friend reached out to me and asked if I could photograph the [...]

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In The Woods

In the Woods Recently, I traveled back home to Indiana and decided to take less clothes, and more lighting gear. I'm always looking to add environmental portraits to my portfolio too, so before heading home I decided to contact some old friends and setup a few photo shoots. This is my favorite image from [...]

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A Portrait Of My Dad

Who: This handsome guy is not only my best friend, but he's also my father. Why: This was a lighting test which my dad has been part of several light test for me over the past. Lately, I haven't only been trying to work on my lighting, but I've been working on better understand [...]

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