Piano Nobile

I just shot this photo for Seattle’s Child and it’s out now. The photo is of a local Seattle family. The husband is an architect and the wife is an artist. They’ve combined their talents to run a business called, Piano Nobile. This shot is being used in this month’s Making Home section of Seattle’s Child. Making Home is monthly feature that showcases families who remodel their homes to accommodate their families. This family has converted an old garage into their home.


I’m really happy with this photo! I had a lot of space to cover with only a few lights, but I think I was able to make it work pretty well. I set up a large Alien Bee 1600 strobe with a large softbox on it, pointed at the wall camera left. The bounce off the wall created a larger light source that I was able to use to light the family. Thankfully their entire home was painted white because it ended up filling in the shadows on their faces nicely. I ended up using my other two strobes to light the loft style bedroom, and their kitchen. It might not look like it, but this home is deep. I shot the photo from the outside, looking in. I was able to style the family as I had just caught them in a natural moment. The kids are playing and the parents are looking over plans for a new project. I love it!


This will definitely be a new promo piece to send out to art directors here in Seattle. I’m really happy that I was able to make this photo look like a high production shoot with only three lights. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use this photo to promote my work to advertising agencies, and too showcase my editorial photography skills to local magazines here in Seattle and elsewhere. I’m really starting to like where my current work is heading! Stay tuned for more!

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