A Portrait Of My Dad

joshua huston, josh houston, portrait, on location, on assignment, portfolio, editorial photography, magazine, headshot, dramatic lighting freelance, seattleWho: This handsome guy is not only my best friend, but he’s also my father.

Why: This was a lighting test which my dad has been part of several light test for me over the past. Lately, I haven’t only been trying to work on my lighting, but I’ve been working on better understand myself through my work and what images I’m drawn to in life. My hope is that through a better understanding myself ,I will create better work that’s not only unique, but truly mine. And I’m always trying to work on my lighting and I’d like to develop a few styles that I can use when photographing people in the future.

How: It took a little to long to setup, but hopefully with some practice I’ll be able to expand upon what I’ve done here. I setup three lights. One small softbox camera-left (key light), one medium softbox (fill) camera right. Way behind the camera, I setup one light with a small grid on it that added the catch light you can see in his eyes.

This image reminds me of an old school celebrity headshot. I’ve had several people tell me they think my dad looks like Ernest Hemingway in this photo which I know he loves to hear that. I hope to bring some more people into the studio soon to practice this lighting more.

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