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“The Big White Square”?

What is “The Big White Square”? “The Big White Square” is my personal project that allows me to constantly explore different ways to shape light, communicate with my subjects, and better define my “style”. Literally, “The Big White Square” is also a reference to a four-foot by four foot white diffuser (make-shift scrim), which will be used as the background in all of the photos I will be shooting.

How It Goes Down

I usually try to pick a place with high foot traffic to setup “The Big White Square. Once it’s up, finding people becomes somewhat easy. Seeing the whole setup in a public space makes a lot of people enticed to stop and ask me what I’m up to. Most of them ask me if, “I’m about to film a movie, or something”. It’s then I tell them about “The Big White Square” and ask them for 10-15 minutes of their time. Almost all of the people I’ve asked so far have thankfully agreed to let me photograph them. After I’m finished I’ll edit the images and send my favorites to the subject along with a short message thanking them for their time.

Long Term

My goal is to travel with “The Big White Square” wherever I go and create as many images and meet as many people as I can. Hopefully, it’ll be a life-long project. For now though, I plan to set up “The Big White Square” throughout Seattle neighborhoods and parks. Keep an eye out for us! If you see us, come say hi! You can follow “The Big White Square” on Instagram @joshuahustonphoto. Enjoy!