How My Personal Project Gets Me New Work For A Local Magazine

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My Personal Work Gets Me Work! 

I have some great news! Recently, the magazine Jewish In Seattle asked me to create portraits for the Innovators section of their magazine using my project, “The Big White Square”! This is such a cool opportunity and it means a lot to me that the art director and editor reached out to me to do this!

Rusty’s Cheesecake

Rusty Federman of Rusty’s Cheesecake was my first subject for the Innovators section. Rusty’s a Seattle local who grew up on Mercer Island, and as a kid he spent most of time in his parents U-Distict restaurant. There he enjoyed playing around in the kitchen and eating the food — particularly the cheesecake his mom made. As much as he enjoyed his parents kitchen he decided to not follow the same path. 

Read the article about Rusty here

The Shoot

Usually I set “The Big White Square” up outside, so meeting at Rusty’s indoor large industrial sized kitchen in south Seattle proved to be a bit of a challenge. One issue was there wasn’t much light in the kitchen and another issue was it was hard to find enough room to setup the square in. Even though I did anticipate that these might be problem before the shoot it sill took me some time to find a spot that would work.

I settled on this location because I really like having the table to put cheesecakes on and I love baking sheets in the background. They really add to the environmental portrait in my opinion. All and all I’m really happy with this shot and I’m completely thrilled and honored that Jewish In Seattle asked me to do this for them. There’s going to be a lot to learn about putting the square up in the background of these shots, but I’m super excited about the opportunity! Stay tuned for more!

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