Photographing John Roderick


Check it out! I photographed John Roderick for Seattle Met magazine. John is currently the lead singer and guitarist in the band The Long Winters and was formerly a touring member of the band Harvey Danger. John’s also been a frequent guest musician on recordings by other bands, such as the Death Cab for Cutie album Transatlanticism, the Nada Surf album The Weight Is a Gift, and The Decemberists album Picaresque. Not only is John a writer, and podcaster, but he’s now a politician. Seattle Met contacted me to photograph him for their feature about John and his announcement.

Setting Up The Shoot With Jason Finn

First off, this shoot was setup a little differently than most shoots and that’s because the art director had me contact John’s good friend and campaign aid, Jason Finn. If you were alive in the 90’s you’ll know that Jason is/was the drummer of Presidents Of The United States Of America. Growing up I liked the band a lot, so it was pretty cool contacting Jason. And he was a super nice guy too, so that helped!

Jason and I talked about John’s schedule and the art directors idea to have John up on a stage, hopefully a super noticeable stage. Thankfully, Jason informed me he could get us into Neumos and I could show up about an hour early to setup before John arrived. I jumped on this opportunity. Especially because as I’ve mentioned before, it’s always important to show up early.

The Shoot

I have to admit, the night before the shoot I had a lot of ideas. Too many to be honest. Since I was able to show up early though, I had time to work with the lighting tech at Neumos and get the house lighting just the way I wanted it. Next, I decided to make the lighting a little broad, so that John would be able to move around on stage. I was hoping the idea would lead to more final options.

John showed up a bit late and got right onto stage. You could tell this wasn’t his first time on a stage. He was a natural. I didn’t have to tell him a thing! He gave me great poses, expressions, and I think my idea for lighting worked out. I had really good options to choose from in the end. In fact, the image in this blog post (and on my website) isn’t the photo Seattle Met chose for the article. If you want to see what they’ve chosen click here. Thanks for reading and check back again soon!


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