Pig Snout Rocks The Puget Sound

joshua huston, josh, houston, magazine cover, magazine, on assignment portrait, on location, strobe, flash, lighting, Tacoma-Seattle based band, Pig Snout, Justin, Dahlia, and Lucien TammingaWho: Tacoma and Seattle based band, Pig Snout. The band is a family band comprising of Dahlia (age 7), her brother, Lucien (age 10), and their father, Justin Tamminga. With Justin laying down the riffs on guitar, Dahlia, and Lucien switch on playing drums and keys. They’ve got some really great songs that they’ve all written together. They’re playing shows all around the Puget Sound area. You’ve got to see these guys play. Check them out here, https://youtu.be/QI8hxlJ-pmc

Why: This was just suppose to be a feature photo for Seattle’s Child magazine, but after the art director saw this image she decided to make it into the cover!

How: At first I was a bit overwhelmed trying to light their jam space because there wasn’t much room to hide my lights. After some fidgeting, I decided to aim my strobes though their windows, so that I could use more of the space to add to the environment of the shot. For the posing I had Dahlia put up her sticks and give me her best metal face, told Justin to give me his best Hendrix impression, and I had Lucien to jump-up and down while rock out on the keys. I’m extremely happy with the image and I love how edgy it came out. It looks great in my portfolio and I’m considering it for a future promo piece. Check it out now on joshuahuston.com. More to come soon!

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