Seattle’s Child Cover

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Seattle’s Child Cover

Here’s a recent editorial portrait I shot that ended up being the cover Seattle’s Child magazine! I shot it in front of Molly Moon’s ice-cream and it wasn’t actually supposed to be a cover shoot. However, the nice light, simple background, and the genuine happiness this kid displayed when I handed her ice cream was too hard to pass up on. I’m glad I didn’t either because this is easily one of my favorite covers that I’ve shot so far for Seattle’s Child!

The Shot

One thing that made this light so nice is that the sun was setting and it created nice colors of the skies reflection off the storefront’s window. By using a reflection I was able to bounced light back onto the subject face, adding a bit of fill light to her eyes. Using a low aperture setting, I turned the reflection into a simple, clean background that brought the attention back to the subjects face. I’m super happy with this shot and I definitely want to get some more images like this one in my portfolio, and soon!

Using My Style

I never really know what to write in these blog posts, but I wanted to share some things I’ve been noticing in my work. Lately I’ve been stepping back and looking at my work as a whole and by doing so I’ve notice things I like to do without really ever thinking about it.

One of those things is that I like to get up close to my subjects. Another one is that I like to use simple clean backgrounds. Both of which definitely through in this image and I think that’s why I love it so much. If you’re reading this and you like to shoot photo too, start looking at all of your work as a whole. Are there some things you do without every thinking about?

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