“Show off your Canines”

joshua huston, josh houston, portrait, on location, on assignment, portfolio, editorial photography, magazine, dentist, advertising, great dane, freelance, seattleWho: Faith Bult, DDS. I recently shot this for a dentist who’s located in Bellingham, Washington.

Why: She’ll be using this image as an advertisement that will be running on the back of this months issue of, Bellingham Alive with the tagline, “show off your canines”. The photo advertisement will coincide with Faith also appearing in magazine as “dentist of the year”. Faith heard about my photography through word of mouth and contacted me to shoot the advertisement a few weeks ago. I love doing commercial photography so I was super happy to help her, and plus I got this sweet photo of her and her Great Danes.

How: Including the wardrobe and lighting setup, a lot of planning went into this image. There was some problem solving before hand because Faith wanted to use a red background and nobody in Seattle carried a 12-foot seamless in red.  I ended up having to use two rolls of seamless that were next to each other and I set them up to overlap each other. For lighting I used a large parabolic octobank with the diffusion sleeve off of the softbox to create a harder light and because I wanted to leave a harder shadow behind the subjects so it didn’t look like they were floating. I also put two lights on the background to brighten up the shot and give it a bit more pop. One of the most challenging aspects of this photograph proved to be getting enough light onto the dogs black coats so that I could show a bit of detail. It was hard because a lot of the light was bouncing up off the seamless and making the rind stones on their collars turn red. Thankfully I was able to snoot an Alien Bee and shine it’s light into their dark coats without hitting to much of the background or, Faith. The dogs themselves are show dogs, so they were very well behaved, but they’re still dogs and they were distracted by the new sights and smells. So, to get the dogs to pose like they are in this photo, I had someone knock on the door. This trick worked great because each time someone knocked on the studio door the dogs would look up and face the same direction.

Faith, is really happy with the final image and I am too. I look forward to seeing a hard copy of it in the magazine, Bellingham Alive. I really enjoyed shooting this ad and I hope to get more jobs like it soon! The image is up on my site now. Check it out. joshuahuston.com

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