How A Speedlite Helped Me Create Better Portraits In Southeast Asia

An Amazing & Humbling Experience

Before I share how a Canon Speedlite helped me create better portraits in Southeast Asia, I want to attempt to put my experiences into words: Simply put Southeast Asia was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more! The entire experience showed me some beautiful parts of humanity and no matter how much I write about it I could never put the experience into words. Nikki and I met so many strangers who went out of their way to help us along our way and we witness many people who had nothing but yet remained so happy about life. If you’ve ever considered traveling there I highly recommend it. Just remember to pack a Speedlite!

I Pack Lite But I Pack Right

At first I was just going to take my 5D Mark iii and a 70-105mm lens, but thank god I decided to make my Canon 580EXii Speedlite! It’s a fantastic source of light, plus it’s small and very durable, packing a lot of power too! Having it really enhanced my photos and it allowed me to work and create professional looking portraits far away from home. If you’ve never used a Speedlite I highly recommend checking one out!

The photo gear I traveled with to Asia. consisted of a Canon 5D Mark iii, and a Canon Speedlite.

A Portrait At Sunset

On our second night in Thailand we visited the grandmother of an acquaintance who at the age of 81 years old who built and operates her own hydroponic organic garden!

81 year old Ya Peng shows off the organic garden she built.

This is one of my favorite images from Asia. To get this portrait I turned my Speedlite up 1/3’d of a stop brighter than the ambient light and had my awesome girlfriend Nikki Barber act as my light-stand. Aiming the light from a camera right (opposite angle of the setting sun) position I was able to add some really nice fill flash to her face. What I love the most about this image is that it doesn’t look lit even though it is. Had I not had the Speedlite with me her face would have been totally dark.

Nikki and I posing for a picture with Ya Peng.

Nikki and I pose with Ya Peng shortly after I photographed her.

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